Montreal Space


October 18-19
@ Concordia Conference Centre
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Bringing space down to earth

There is a massive technological transformation going on around the world today. Space is now being seen as a turning point in modern technology as we quickly discover more and more ways to benefit from it. Alongside this excitement, new players are entering the field. No longer is space seen as an exclusive industry reserved only for national agencies, but instead as an accessible playground where all space enthusiasts of any discipline have an important role to play.
This new movement in the industry has created a new vision in which we are all included. It is a vision of a united space program inclusive of all people, may it be government, industry, academia or the general public. It is an exciting time to be in the space industry. Not only do we as a nation have a thorough history in space, but also a promising future, and it is important that we include everyone in this excitement. It is time we “Bring Space Down to Earth.”

Building on the success of the MSS 2017

High profile
President of the CSA, executives from MDA, ABB, Neptec, etc.
Industry professionals, researchers, students and enthusiasts attended the event
talks organized around 4 subjects, from science and engineering to law
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MSS 2017

MSS 18 Program

The MSS 2018 was supported by

The Montreal Student Space Associations

The committee is comprised of student aerospace associations across various Québec universities, such as Concordia University, McGill University, Université de Montréal, École de Technologie Supérieure, and Université de Sherbrooke. The MSSA also acts as the Montreal chapter for the Canadian Space Society.
We united under the common goal of promoting space related discussions and awareness to the public. Our mission is threefold:
  • To advocate for student’s importance within the space industry
  • To inform students about the possibilities associated with space
  • To promote Montreal as a widely recognized space hub.